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Welcome to GRS

    Welcome to Global Reformed Seminary (GRS) Website!
    We invite you to look around and find out what we are all about. We want to provide you with 
the resources you need to make a prayerful, informed decision about your future study and 
ministry. We trust that you will find that we offer one of the most comprehensive and 
affordable options for quality theological education anywhere.
    GRS offers Ph. D in Intercultural Studies & Ministries (PhD/ICSM), D. Min in Intercultural
Ministry (D/ICM) and M.A in Intercultural Education Ministry (M.A/ICEM) based upon
Reformed theological perspective. GRS is theologically Reformed, evangelistic in focus 
and committed to the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture. The seminary strives for 
academic excellence, through a program of instruction which is practical and useful for 
effective intercultural ministry.
    Our motto is “Being transformed, Transforming the World for Christ!
    We expect you to get helpful information about GRS for your future studies in 
Intercultural ministries.