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      Message from the Chancellor Emeritus
Rev. Allen D. Curry, Ed. D.
The terms “Global” and “Reformed” may seem strange together to many.  In some theological circles there is an assumption that these two are irreconcilable.  Nevertheless, I judge they are deeply well-suited to one another.  From the small beginning of a mission to Brazil sent out from Calvin’s Geneva, to the genesis of modern missions in the person of William Carey, to the international mission force sweeping the globe to evangelize the lost; Reformed people have been committed to global outreach.  GRS seeks to continue this perspective of the whole world for the Savior. 
Doesn’t it make sense that those of us who are committed to the sovereignty of God would be desirous of reaching out to the whole world?  We recognize God’s initiative in the salvation of his children and long to be used by the Savior to rescue the lost by the witness of the Word.  We know Christ saves, but we are assured that he uses the work of his people in his church to bring the lost out of darkness to light. 
As Reformed believers we anticipate joining the heavenly chorus declaring our Savior worthy for by his blood he ransomed people for God, “from every tribe and language and people and nation.” (Revelation 5:9) Global and Reformed are not antagonistic but belong together for the glory of God. 



          Message from the Chancellor

LATE Rev. Samuel H. Larsen
D. Min., Ph. D.
The terms “global” and “reformed” are used today with increasing frequency and with an ever-widening range of meanings.  For example, “global” may refer to encompassing the geophysical planet, or a collection of locations spread around the world, or a world-class standard, or a business or social movement whose purpose is world-wide.  Likewise, “reformed” may refer to a criminal who has changed his ways, or to a political or social structure that has been fundamentally reconstructed, among other things. 
By contrast, at GRS, each term in our name is biblically significant.  At the end of Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus Christ is recorded as having commanded his Church to go into all the world and make disciples of all the nations (ethnic communities), baptizing them into the Name of the Triune God and teaching them to obey everything He commanded us, promising us His presence until He returns at the close of history.  For us at GRS, “global” means taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth and to all ethnic groups under heaven.                                                                                    
Likewise, at GRS, “reformed” refers to the five great “solas” (Latin for “alone”) of the Protestant Reformation, as the Reformers sought to reclaim for the Church the great fundamental Biblical teachings: “Scripture alone,” “grace alone,” “faith alone,” “Christ alone,” and “glory to God alone.” 
Finally, GRS is a “seminary,” which comes from the Latin word for “seed-bed.”  GRS is a place of study, of fellowship, of ministry practice and reflection–a place where ministry knowledge, skills, and values may be planted, nurtured, and blossom. 
GRS seeks by God’s grace to be all of these things.  If you share that vision and purpose, we invite you to join us, either to study, or to partner through your prayers and support.  “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Matthew 9:37-38).