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Core Partnership


Global Partnership to support Theological Education


Principles of Global Partnership
Fundamental principle for partnership: Mutual respect
and mutual contribution for effective theological education
in partnership
A possible policy for credit transfer:
Student course credit can be transferred under the credit transfer policies among the theological institutions in partnership under GRS' educational policy.
A possible discussion for joint degree:
Under GRS' educational policy and permission, joint degrees can be provided under the policies for granting mutual degrees among the theological institutions in partnership.
Principles of Global Partnership
Faculty exchanges:
Faculty can be exchanged for more effective theological education under the policies among the theological institutions in partnership.
Further global partnerships for GRS:
The purpose of global partnerships with seminaries in various missions fields is to support the international seminary through GRS nominated Korean faculty, who have the Doctor of Ministry degree from RTS.
Missional Vision of GRS
Vision: 10-1111
Within 10 Years
- 100,000 New Christians
- 10,000 New Christian Leaders
- 10,000 New Revitalized Church Leaders
- 10,000 New Revitalized Churches